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90's punk mag's, baseball, beads, being a dork, belts, boys, braclets, buttons, calvin and hobbes, car rides, cats, chapstick, clean laundry, coffee, collecting useless junk, comedy, comics, cool pens, cool shit, daria, dogs, dr.pepper, east bay, ferris beullers day off, getting change back, green day, grunge, guiatr, gumby, harmonicas, hating, icons, indians and cowboys, johnny rotten, joking, kevin bacon, krystals, llama's, mexican food, mints, money, mood rings, movies, multi colored socks, music, mutts, my little ponies, my sweater, nacho's, nic nacs, nirvana, pepperann, pezheads, photography, pins, plaid pants, punx zines, reading, ripped jeans, road signs, rocko's modern life, rootbeer, saturday night live, sex pistols, sharpies, singing along, sitting around, sleeping, smashing pumpkins, smoothies, snoo, socks, squirtgun, stickers, sunglasses, the 90's, the clash, the dead milkmen, the offspring, the ramones, tre cool, valleylemmons, video taping, vintage band shirts, weezer, woodstock 94', writing on walls, zebra's, zines in general
My name is Jessica...
I love music
I make funny noises...and faces..
I like taking pictures..of shtuffs
I like to move stuff out of place in stores..
I love my holey jeans, sooo shush...
I like to sit outside and just watch.
I like spearmint flavor....yummies..
I hate people who try to hard...I hate people who
watch me eat..grrrr
My birthday is february 17th
I love Green Day
I have an obsession ,dare I say fetish with John Lydon and Tre Cool
I love driving around. anywhere and everywhere.
I love coffee
I love my shoes
I am very picky about moives
I love music
I love indians and cowboys and cartoons from the 50's and 60's.

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